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Nov. 13th, 2007 @ 11:53 am
ill be making a a rare appearance in cape coral thursday and friday.

Sep. 19th, 2007 @ 10:56 am
i'd just like to say, i hate people. i moved to sebring since there'd be less of them here, and it still isn't enough. people, and everything they've come up with, is worthy only of my spite and dread. tv, clothing, insurance, drugs, borders, i dunno, i could go on, but humankind has only brought destruction and suffering to every friggin thing in the entire world, and has even created more things just to ruin 'em. the point is, everyone's life in this world is a lie, and lately i just haven't had the energy to pretend to be okay with it.

aaaaaanyway, i'm just at the library flipping through some basics on computer repair, because i've got an interview at a repair place later and i have to pretend to still know what i'm doing. but i'm still pretty good at lying to other people.

all part of the plan. i'll be rid of civilization yet.

Jul. 2nd, 2007 @ 01:43 pm
it seems likely that most of the people i know don't know where i am anymore. where i am would now be sebring, florida. feel free to look it up, but i think "look for the big gaping butthole" is a pretty good way to describe how to get here. why? i don't know. really. it is pretty dull here and i have a really, REALLY shitty job...but the whole town closes up at like 10 every night so my main hobby here is to wander around looking for trouble.

i know very likely that no one will ever visit me here, and i don't exactly expect anyone to either...sooooo screw off

Dec. 7th, 2006 @ 12:50 am
so, i quit my job, and my parents said they were going to assist me financially with expunging this arrest, but it turns out they were being a couple of lying bitches. so i don't have any money a'tall, but i've got a nintendo wii and a girlfriend that is a million times better than that, even! it's going to be a very poor, but very good month. i hope my family enjoys my series of gifts-that-didn't-cost-anything - starting with my origami knick knacks of DOOM.
Groovin: cartlon and the shoes

Nov. 19th, 2006 @ 04:38 am
i believe the wii's best feature is the easy listening music on the menus. very important.
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how can everyone else be so depressing and i be up to such interesting things?

so i was going to new york on this shitty field trip to some museums that i can't get out of apparentally, well anyway that was this morning but i guess this knife i had was kind of illegal and i had to go sit in a cell for awhile at the airport. so now my flight is at 7. ill have to wait that much longer to find out just how delicous a 40 is.

so i guess i'm pretty stupid but overall getting arrested was pretty funny...
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i have a cellular phone now. its number is 8139199794.

in other news, y'all need to chill.
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so, i made an off-hand remark during class yesterday about how i don't like doing self portraits, and so my printmaking teacher said everyone has to do a self portrait just piss me off

"kill myself and mail that to the teacher"(it's been done...)
"i think i was at my best raping little girls, and here's drawings of me raping them"
"im kinda bordering on turning in an manga-fantasy-elf version of myself"
"various video game controllers that define me very well"
"self portrait i made for another class 2 years ago"

the killing myself option does sound best, though, because then i'd have also killed myself, and that'd be two tasks completed at once.
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lj navigation..i command you to stop changing...you're a dumb program, and different graphics won't change that...

i keep losing stuff and everytime i do i sit real still and try to figure out if i've finally gone crazy, or maybe just retarded. today i can't find my keys, again, and a doctor's note i needed that i really only have a chance of using today, so instead ill have to catch a couple more busses to get another note, and i'll probably end up skipping class tonight because of it, which would be the 4th class i've skipped and i'm only in the 3rd week or so of class. i've held off pretty long but i may have to fake a death near the end of the semester for once. i thinki i'd feel a little less stupid if i could just do one thing at a time, which right now would be to complete every one of the giant projects that are choking the space out of my room, and then i'd go out into the living room and take all of their stupid shit that is sitting everywhere cause they're both too lazy to unbag anything they buy and scrap it all into one corner so i can walk around and sit somewhere that's not covered in trash but i guess all that will have to wait.
luckily, if i've gone mad, there's really not much to do about it, so maybe i have got nothing to worry about. have any of YOU seen my keys?
» lend me your gatling gun so i may murder as many sleeping people as possible.
today i was trying to teach jillian how to use a skateboard and some guy drove slowly by and gave us the nastiest look i've seen, even including experiences at walmart, in quite some time. then 10 minutes later he drove by again and yelled some curses at us, if my ears were not completely mistaken.

one of my classes' reading assignment for tomorrow was to read a lengthy article on just how german boys starting at age 12 on forward were tortured into becoming machinery for the army. gee thanks teacher, thanks for assigning that knowing you'd pretty much be ruining at least one day of every one of your students' week. i hope someone kills themself because of it and then you can just stick to teaching us how neat photoshop is instead of going on about the horrors of technological theory....
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