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Sep. 8th, 2006 @ 01:34 am
my girlfriend says i talk too much. she makes me feel dumb.

quote from some guy that does gpx for transformers the movie :
At least for me,
this is historical
American folklore.
It's historical. I mean,
I have friends that haven't
read the Bible, but have
read comic books. And comic
book movies are that for us,
at least for my generation.
It's folklore, it's mythology.
Religion is dead and this is
the shit that people eat up,
this is what we eat up!

This religion and the meaning of life class is shit. the teacher is an evil bitch that is basically trying to teach intelligent design without letting onto it. i wonder when anyone else will notice. she played some documentary that looked like it was funded by a cult about a 17th century scholar that said ( you mean CLAIMED, you fucking cult, CLAIMED) he talked to angels and visited heaven all the time and had a method called "conference" where he existed in this universe and the "other" dimension at the same time and yuh yuh yuh, her and other cows there talk about how interesting his vision of heaven is or what a wonderful contribute to the history of the world(im not kidding) and i asked her how she could know that he didn't just do a whole bunch of drugs, and after the awkward laughter from the crowd she said "have you ever been to sweden?" and i say "why, no." and she says "well, i'll tell you, 'it' doesn't grow there."

what a fucking twat. i sleep now.

Aug. 26th, 2006 @ 12:26 pm
i wonder if ilkl actually bother to infrequently use this thing for years, or the rest of my life? i sure dont have much to say to this thing, ...probably because talking to people in real life is still a bit more reasonable.

uhhh, let's see...people like to heaqr about stuff im making...well i've got this sheet of fake-wood that i've glued close to 4000 colored, meticulously arranged hole punches to, and there's about 5 other parts to it beside that, and im making giant-sized comic-panel stories that takes place in a universe "much more fun" than this one..itana got really drunk and kept trying to pick the lock to my door so she could annoy me into watching some shitty movie with her, so i got to whack her with my wooden sword a bit and just about shot in her the face with red spraypaint...i had a near-death experience last week that was actually pretty cool...the ghetto-mart i work at just keeps getting shittier and shittier, so i find myself stealing shit from there all time just out of boredom...i still dont know what zip code i live in...i HAVE to go to new york city on a trip with my art school to graduate for winter break, how fucked up is that, i think someone tucked that into my requirements just cause they know i hate everyone in the art school here...i am the nexus of all entertaining ideas.

Jul. 19th, 2006 @ 01:10 am
soo...cape coral saturday-monday

i guess my roommate tries to collect the most creepy clips from japanese tv off youtube so, you know, maybe he can hold a hearing on having them bombed for their entire race being a social disease?


it's a pretty strong case. doesnt really get good til near the end, by which of course i mean, when the pedophilia kicks in, you know.

Jun. 28th, 2006 @ 02:56 am
i can't sleep and i think it's all superman's fault, the restless boredom of 2 hours and 30 minutes has somehow extended to the rest of my night.

but anyway i go to ft myers tomorrow. until friday or saturday or something.
but i like it better here...where i have someone to sleep with, i mean, in the event that i can actually sleep tonight, so, i ugess that's not all that useful anyway.

anyway, go see garfield 2 instead, everyone, because bill murray probably has a lot of expensive pain killer medications to pay for.

May. 11th, 2006 @ 12:13 pm
man, what the fuck is wrong with lee county...a whole bunch of oddness has been congealing in my travels here and i haven't understood pretty much any of it, like a contemporary art gallery. ft myers is a degrassi kind of town and i've always been a kids in the hall person...

hey kim im here one more night if you want to hang out, i kind of figured i'd find you through all the other people but no one seems to care about where you are or to remember what your phone number is, my number here is 2395420650

tampa is a kids in the hall kind of town. it'll be good to be back there, where i don't know what's going on but in a good way.
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well, since classes are over i can post, because i won't have to write about very angry things.

i still have to go to a class next tues during final weeks because one my teachers is so lazy and nice to his students and none of them would do the homework that he just kept extending it so he wouldnt have to fail their sorry asses...

but ima scan my prints from my semester with printmaking because it was HARD HARD HARD HARD and i did at least 2 things that were completely excellent...

well, im in cape coral from at least may 9-11, other than that my summer plans are to have a lot of sex, and all the other nice things that surround such activities. because i deserve it.
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wow i fucked up yet another printmaking project. this was the charles bronson vs. the johnny 5 one. although if i thik about it i guess i sucked working in media in high school for a long time too, but technically the only reason i stuck to that shit was because i didn't have much of a choice at the time.

my roommates watch tv even in their sleep now. good gravy.
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my day sucked because <1> i'm literally like competing for someone's attention right now and <2> i read this comic book during class today where all these super people gathered because htey realized they existed only as comic book characters and decided to kill all their viewers, and at one point pointed up directly at me/the panel's face and said "NOW! LET'S KILL THEM ALL! KILL THEM ALL!" and i got really freaked out and also <3> the elitist, pretentious photography cunts in my art class. i was doing a presentation on an artist who basically just snorted coke and fucked random people and photographed it and got famous for it, and obviously these scuzzy bitches that basically do the exact same thing as this artist every friggin day of their pretentious, masturbatory lives know more about her than i do, but how about no, you not ruin my grade by bringing up shit you know about her that i couldn't possibly have known, and oh please get out of the natty, hard to clean fringes of my life already.

i'm collaging all the old, worthless comic books i have into a massive fantasy world of my own imagining, now.
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oh, hi
my job rules, let's see, monday, i unplugged my phone and didnt call in and didnt show up and friday i took lunch at a later time than i was supposed to and today the manager that acts like a wwe character, kinda like john macmahon, comes up and starts yelling at me using walmart code words and stupid shit i dont understand so im like oh you mean when i didnt show up yeah i dont have a n excuse for that he's like WELL THAT'S JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH, YOU'RE GOING TO GET SUPLEXED BY THE PERSONNEL MANAGER LATER and so i see that manager later and she says, oh, yeah, you took your lunch too late the other day we're going to have to write you up for that whatever that means, no mention of how i dont show once every two weeks or so with no excuse.

anyway, i shouldnt be on this because my computer is fucked up and needs to be wiped and also i have a large wax scupture of a woman getting fucked in the ass to make. yeah...i'm more interesting than thee.
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during your busy day today, take a moment off to picture what's happening right now in washington dc - anna nicole smith having a hearing with the supreme court. i hope you appreciate the idea.
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